Thursday Things: What To Do With Above-the-Cabinet Space

As much as I love to decorate, paint, create, fix-up, style, whatever-you-call-it, my kitchen is about the plainest Jane kitchen I’ve ever had. In our apartment, I had a huge kitchen with an island (well, really a peninsula). I had barstools for catching a quick bite at the island as well as a kitchen table. I had a sunflower themed kitchen and let me tell you I loved that space! It was my favorite kitchen ever…I even had the double oven in the wall with the separate stovetop range. Loved it!

When we moved to our first home, we were already 3 kids deep. I was so worried about the keeping the house clean, it took me a long time to settle on a design for the kitchen. It took me a couple of years, but I finally went for a bold red with a distressed paint wash and a wallpaper border that incorporated the same color. My cabinets were long and went from the ceiling to mid-wall (low enough for my 5’1″ build to reach). Lots of space! We grew in that home to 4 kids deep.

Fast forward to today. Here we are, 6 kids deep, and my kitchen walls are lucky to have been painted! At this point, keeping the house clean tidy livable is all¬†you can ask of me! I haven’t had time to do much other than dream!

So in my musings, I’ve researched what I could possibly do with that forlorn, drab,¬†bothersome space above my kitchen cabinets. Most people put greenery up there, but that’s just more stuff to clean in my opinion. I thought about stenciling some cutesy a la French bistro verbiage up there too, but then it hit me! My kitchen is not that big…I need as much storage space as I can get!

So, I took to pinterest to gather some ideas. Here’s what I found. Which ones do you like best?

Kitchen cabinet space

Kitchen cabinet space3

Kitchen cabinet space2

Kitchen cabinet space4

Kitchen cabinet space5

Kitchen cabinet space6


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