The Fickle Foodie: Waffles (Chicago)

I have been trying to make it to Waffles for about a year or more.  I was supposed to meet a friend there for breakfast on a couple of occasions and the dates were cancelled at the last minute.  I even purchased a deal for the restaurant and was unable to use it due to a busy schedule.  It didn’t go to waste, however, as I know a few foodies that can rearrange their schedules for fancy flavors on a whim :).  My sister had been to this spot a couple of times and raved about the short ribs and cheddar waffles.  I loooove short ribs! So when my good friend, Veronica, came to town and another deal came through, I pounced on it.  And I’m so glad I did!DSCN0400

Short Ribs & Cheddar Waffles

Short Ribs & Cheddar Waffles

The deal I purchased was good for two entrees and two hot chocolate flights.  Oh how I love flights :)!  There were sandwiches and other entrees on the menu, but how do you go to a waffle place and not order the waffles?  I couldn’t fathom it!  In addition to the hot chocolate flight, I had the waffle flight (told ya I love flights) and Veronica ordered the short ribs and cheddar waffles.  I love to dine with friends and order different things so I can sample, sample, sample!  Well, everything we ordered was fantastic!  The short ribs were tender little bites of saucy perfection and the cheddar waffles were the perfect accompaniment.

Dining at Waffles Chicago

Waffles Chicago 1400 S. Michigan

I could not make up my mind as to which of the waffle flavors I wanted to try so the waffle flight was perfect.  The flight includes 4 mini versions of the most popular waffles.  I was most excited about the green tea waffle with lemon ginger cream.  This was a hard choice for me because red velvet anything is my absolute favorite dessert flavor and there are red velvet waffles on the menu.  The flight included both of these as well as the liege and mexican chocolate waffles.  All of these were great, but I’d have to say the liege and red velvet waffles were my favorites.

Waffle Flight

I can’t wait to go back and try other tempting menu items like the chicken and bacon (bacon waffle w/fried chicken leg and spicy maple syrup), chilaquiles (yummm), and my very own order of short ribs and cheddar waffles (you didn’t think I ate all of Veronica’s did you?).  If you’re looking for a great breakfast spot and you love variety like I do (hey, that’s why I’m the fickle foodie), give Waffles a try!


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  1. Shanyta Russell says:

    This was so delicious! Words can not explain the party that was going on in my mouth when I experienced this meal!

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