The Cunningham Chronicles: Battle of the Sockses

Yeah, yeah, so I know the title is poor grammar but it’s really so appropriate. I have 2 boys that are 2 years apart in age and wear the same sock size and they literally WAR over socks…E V E R Y doggone day!!! Can any of you moms out there feel my pain?

In my household, there might as well be only two sock sizes – MAN and BOY! My kids seem to outgrow child sock sizes as soon as they start walking more than  5 steps without tumbling over. At this rate, my 1 year old will join the Sock Wars in just a few short weeks :|.

A few years ago, after watching the movie Ray, I had “an aha moment.” Ray Charles knew which socks to wear each day by the stitching on the socks. I thought I’d implement a version of that in my household. I decided I’d run a straight stitch on the youngest boy’s socks and a zig-zag stitch on the oldest boy’s socks. But when I had them gather all the socks for their day of reckoning, not only were there about 100+ socks – most of them were unmatched and “hole-y”! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!!

So much for that bright idea…I mean, yes, I am the queen of DIY and organization “attempts” but heck, I’m not trying to spend a whole day running stitches when I can hone my skills in more urgent attempts at household organization like sorting the family pictures, filing receipts and finding my 5 year olds ponytail holders. 😉

Just as I was back to school shopping a week ago, it hit me. This was more than “an aha moment”…this ground-breaking discovery was near EUREKA levels!!! Up until now, my sons had been obsessed with wearing only black gym shoes…much like their dad. Justifiably (and fashionably correct), they could…errr…ummm…should only wear black socks with their gym shoes. So they had a googobs worth of old black socks. However, this time I found one heck of a deal on a pair of white Air Jordans for my 8 year old and a pair of black Air Jordans for my 11 year old. And, I must add, you know it had to be a HECK of a deal for me to care about shoe make and model because really they can be Air Hortons (======>) for all I care as long as they fit!

I digress…Upon my findings, I therefore herewith and hitherto issued a decree that Josh MUST wear white gym shoes and SJ can continue to wear black. Therefore, their socks will always be theirs and only theirs (at least the new ones). Genius right??

Well that settled the new socks, but what about the old socks and socks worn for dress shoes, etc? For that, I issued another law which was hereto therefore and whatwith passed by the powers that be (yours truly)…Josh was assigned one particular brand of socks (Fruit of the Loom) while SJ must wear another brand (Anything Else I Can Find On Sale Or In The Laundry Basket But Mostly Hanes). Double genius, right?? I knoooooooow! 😉

So what are you PThirty1 moms doing to settle the Battle of the Sockses?



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