Spicy Fried Chicken Strips

Spicy chicken stripsI remember back in the day, there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant near our high school. It wasn’t really within walking distance for a lunch period, but sometimes the craving was so bad, we took the walk there and back risking a delayed return which would surely result in an in-house detention. At my school, in-house was Alcatraz. You were

That's me in my junior year of high school. I'm in the middle holding a bunch of birthday bounty and looking bewildered. Those were the days LOL!

That’s me in my junior year of high school. I’m in the middle holding a bunch of birthday bounty and looking bewildered. Those were the days LOL!

stuck in a room with no windows, monitored by a teacher who never seemed to look away, forced to work on unassigned assignments even when previously assigned assignments were completed. Not that I had any first-hand experience or anything (hee hee hee)…but “they” tell me it was the worst!! Yet….for a 2-piece spicy meal at KFC? Worth every bit of the risk!

I moved to the South somewhere around 2000/2001ish. At the first hanker for spicy chicken, I headed out to the nearest KFC. To my chagrin, there was NO spicy chicken    W H A T S O E V E R! I thought surely I was in The Twilight Zone! I mean…I was in THEE South! Isn’t that the Mecca for good, spicy soul food?

For years, I went without the special blend of spices settling for a piece here or there when visiting Chicago. When I finally moved back north, I thought I’d go back to enjoying this tasty treat on a regular basis again. I remember my stomach growling as I ordered my normal 2 piece spicy with a biscuit…oh boy, I couldn’t wait to taste it while driving to my next stop. I paid my fee and drove off with the hot box in my lap, not caring if the oil seeped through the bottom onto my pants. I just about ripped open the box and tore into my drumstick. What the?!?!? The taste was NOT the same. What happened to the red specks of sweet spiciness baked in the inner crust of the chicken? What was this imposter doing in my red and white box I practically tore apart? Who the heck advised The Colonel to change the recipe? …..Why I oughta!!!

It took me a long time to get over it. To this day, I do not like the spicy chicken at either of the big chains. Nothing has ever come close the The Colonel’s original spicy recipe….that is, until THIS recipe.

In an effort to do something different for a 4th of July party some years ago, I stumbled upon this recipe somewhere and decided to try it. It’s so easy to do the typical chicken wings for a party. I simply could not do it this time. I needed something quick and different. This recipe turned out to be a crowd pleaser even for the kids! In fact, my 18 month old even loves it. My taste buds were quickly reminded of the reason I would cut class just to walk the long haul to the KFC on Chicago’s west side.  The Colonel is back and right here in my home, baby! 😉

You can serve this with ranch or blue cheese sauce, but I don’t believe it needs anything. I serve it just as is and I’ve never received nary a complaint – nor nary a leftover LOL! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Remember to halve or portion the recipe according to the amount of mouths you’re feeding. 🙂

Spicy Fried Chicken Strips


  • 8 - 10 lbs chicken breast, cut in strips 1-2 inches thick
  • 4 cups Louisiana hot sauce (or your favorite hot/tabasco sauce)
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • Cooking oil


  1. In a large pan or large Ziploc bags, pour hot sauce over chicken.
  2. Refrigerate and let marinate overnight or no less than 8 hours (the longer the marinating process, the better the flavor).
  3. In a large Ziploc bag, mix flour, cornmeal and salt. Close and shake until well blended.
  4. Heat cooking oil on high in a large frying pan or a deep fryer.
  5. Add marinated strips to flour mixture a few strips at a time. Seal and shake until all pieces are well coated.
  6. Fry chicken strips until brown or as brown as desired.
  7. Remove chicken strips from oil and place on a paper towel lined platter or pan to drain the oil.
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 until all chicken has been floured, fried and drained.
  9. Serve hot and enjoy!


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