PThirty1 Two-Week Meal Plan March 2 to March 15

So I have a secret to tell you. Last week month, I bit off waaaay more than I can chew. I mean waaaay more! I had something going on just about every weekend PLUS projects at work kept me working late PLUS kids activities during the week kept me busy, biz-zay!!! stress free life

I fell behind in reviewing our budget for 2 weeks! When I finally looked at it, I realized we had eaten out 4 times in two weeks – YIKES, that’s unprecedented!

I had to take a step back and assess what caused the setback with my meal plans besides all of the activities. I realized that I obsess too much over cooking the absolutest bestest thing ever…like every day! Crazy, right? 😐

…Soooo…I’ve decided I need to keep it simple sometimes. Like waaaay simple. I had almost forgotten you can still pick up good, ready-to-eat foods at stores. I had even forgotten I had purchased some of those good, ready-to-eat foods some time go and stored them in my freezer so instead of being completely stressed out over cooking something Love Boatish (you know, exciting and new), I could’ve very simply reached in my freezer and hooked up something tasty and yumderful in less than 30 minutes flat – STRESS FREE!

So, without further adieu, here’s my more reasonable, practical, stressless meal plan for the next 2 weeks:

Week 1

Sunday’s Fancy Fixin’s

Meatless Tuesday (Because Momma Don’t Cook on Mondays)

Thrifty Thursday


Week 2

Sunday’s Fancy Fixin’s

  • Holy Yum ChickenRoasted Brussels Sprouts and Asparagus, Forbidden Rice – This is a repeat from the last meal plan because I never found the time to make it. Additionally, asparagus was on a heck of a sale (only $.99/pound at Pete’s Fresh Market and Food-4-Less). I had to have it!
Holy Yum Chicken (photo by

Holy Yum Chicken (photo by

Meatless Tuesday (Because Momma Don’t Cook on Mondays)

  • Crockpot Veggie Lasagna – This is my week for repeats since I pretty much forgot I ever had a meal plan the last week or so.

Thrifty Thursday

  • Spinach Stuffed Ravioli w/Chicken and Broccoli – This ravioli is a staple in my freezer. Costco has it sale for only $7 and some change (it’s usually $10-11). Hurry now and go stock up! It’s sooo delicious and so versatile!

Lunch Bunch

For the Freezer

  • Bacon and Egg Roll-ups – Another one I was supposed to have been there and done that according to last week’s meal plan – NOT!!!


Breakfast Bonus

That’s what’s on my list! What’s on yours? 🙂


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