PThirty1 Two-Week Meal Plan March 16 to March 29

MaiaMarch is the busiest month ever in my house. Aside from spring break, there are 3 March birthdays to celebrate in my household and it drives me crazy EVERY year! I suppose if all of the birthdays were for family within the same age group, it would be easier…sorta cookie cutter even. But there is no such luck for me. My youngest baby girl has a birthday mid-March. She is in kindergarten and everything has to be EXTRA as that age group goes. My husband and my oldest son’s birthdays are in late March – the same day actually. That doesn’t mean I can kill two birds with one stone in a day. Because kid activities vary greatly from adult activities, I celebrate my hubby’s birthday on one day (maybe even a week prior) and my son’s birthday on the other. Yep – toooooo much! Way too much going on in March!

I said all that to say that with all the birthday plans going on, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME TO COOK!! 😀

The meal plans for this week will, therefore, be very, very easy. I’d make them hands-free if I could. But I can’t, so without further adieu, here are my plans for the minimal meals to come:

Week 1

Sunday’s Fancy Fixin’s (Maia’s Birthday Dinner)

  • Make-Your-Own-Pizza and Birthday Cake (store bought). What kid doesn’t love pizza? I recently discovered Aldi sells a 2-pack of prepared pizza dough for only $3 and change AND it comes with the pizza sauce! EASY!!!

Meatless Tuesday (Because Momma Don’t Cook on Mondays)

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger Photo by

Sweet Potato Veggie Burger Photo by

Thrifty Thursday

  • Make-Your-Own-Tacos – OK, I have a confession. I hardly ever make Mexican food. I know, I know! It’s the most simplest and probably one of the healthiest things to eat, but something about eating or cooking it never really appeals to me. Crazy, right? I even make taco meat and freeze it for a rainy day, but just about never use it. My sister convinced me to take on Mexican more often. So this will be where I start. 😉


Week 2

Sunday’s Fancy Fixin’s

  • Smoked Turkey Legs, Collard Greens, Macaroni & Cheese & Cornbread – I only make soul food about twice a year and it’s usually on holidays. I am only cooking this because I already have the collard greens from a prior month’s freezer cooking and the smoked turkey legs are store-bought. Super easy!

Meatless Tuesday (Because Momma Don’t Cook on Mondays)

  • Vegetable Stir Fry over Brown Rice – I went to Flat Top Grill recently and realized I had completely forgotten how easy and incredibly tasty stir fry is. I vow to make this more often.

    Chicken Gyros photo by

    Chicken Gyros photo by

Thrifty Thursday

Lunch Bunch

  • Mac-n-cheese rolls – These have always been a hit when I have company so why wouldn’t the kids love them? It’s basically the same mac-n-cheese from Sunday rolled in spring roll wrappers and fried. Yummy (and easy)!


Breakfast Bonus

That’s what’s on my list! What’s on yours? 🙂


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