Party Panache: Inscribed Bananas

photo (4)-2Can I say that I love, love, LOOOOOVE this idea?!?!? Well, not only because it was an original idea by yours truly…but it is also uber easy and economical. At Sam’s Club, I can purchase 1 large bunch of bananas for only $1.34 and I usually get about 8 or 9 bananas in a bunch. For that price, you can label your banana and eat it too – literally!

What I also love about this idea is that the kids get a kick out of it and the bananas are not damaged in the process. They are still good enough to eat once the party’s over.

This is a cool idea to add a little “spice” to your hubby’s lunch or a quick, loving note for your child’s lunchbox. It’s so simple and fast, you’ll find a million ways to use this neat tip.


You will need:

medium-ripe banana(s)


  1. Place the banana on a surface that will keep it steady (I started using the countertop then graduated to holding it in my hand).
  2. With your toothpick in your writing hand, steadily write your message in the skin of the banana. It will not be immediately visible.
  3. Let the banana(s) sit about 5 to 10 minutes. Your message will slowly appear. The longer you let it sit, the darker the message will become.
  4. Once the viewing pleasure is done, peel and eat banana. 😉


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