Project Organization: Under-the-Sink Spray Bottle Storage

I am behind on my one craft per month goal for the year. In January, I purchased the materials for about 4 crafts and did none of them. The month was extremely busy but not any busier than any other month, so I don’t know how I let it get ahead of me. Since February is about half gone, I resolved to push myself to make up for January as well as add a few more to the goal for February.

One of my favorite managers from an old job used to tell me, “Pick the low hanging fruit first.” That always stuck with me because when I’m overwhelmed with the things on my endless “to do” list, that advice makes the most sense. In other words, go for the easiest thing first! When you start off with those things that are quick and easy, you finish them. The sense of accomplishment from finishing one task and striking it from the list motivates you to go to the next task…and then another…and then another. So, today, I chose the low hanging fruit.

I saw this idea on the Martha Stewart site first.  I have always used baskets for organizing in my under-the-sink cabinets, but even that often gets cluttered. The spray bottle cleaners are the most frequently used in my home, so it made sense to install this rack for a quick grab-and-clean. Since my kids hardly ever return the bottles to their rightful place, this project would help avoid my fussing at them about the under-the-sink clutter, knocked down bottles and spills.

(photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

This was so easy, I can’t believe I didn’t do it the day I bought the rod.  Here’s what I did:

You will need:

a cabinet (obviously right? LOL)
adjustable shower curtain rod (I used a chrome 40″ no-slip tension rod)


  1. Measure the inside of the cabinet from wall to wall.
  2. Adjust your rod to about 2 inches less than the measurement of your cabinet walls.
  3. Insert the rod in the cabinet.  If you are using a permanent rod, you will need to follow the instructions on how to install with screws and other tools).
  4. Adjust rod to fit the cabinet walls tightly ensuring the rod is straight and durable.
  5. Hang your spray bottles on the rod.
  6. Enjoy your accomplishment. 😉


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