Oh Ninja Blender, How Do I Love Thee!

After about a month of plant-based living, I completely wore my blender out.  It was an old – scratch that – ancient, Oster brand blender that I had purchased for my sister more than 10 years ago.  It hadn’t seen that much blending in years and certain parts of it were rusty (not any parts that touched the food).  I pushed it to the limit as I do with all of my kitchen gadgets.  Finally, while attempting to puree a batch of soup, it gave up the ghost!  I didn’t try to revive it; I knew it’s time had come.

Ninja 1100 Kitchen System

Ninja 1100 Kitchen System

I had my eye on a new Ninja blender for over a year.  My sister introduced me to the Vitamix blender which looked like it could perform miracles, but it was way out of my price range.  It wasn’t even in the ballpark close to the neighborhood of the vicinity of my price range.  I first saw the Ninja on television which is odd for me since I rarely watch infomercials.  Needless to say, something about the Ninja had commanded my attention.  I later decided to check it out in-store.  Walmart had it on display and the features of this thing made me want to grab one along with a bottle of ketchup and some laundry detergent.  Not only did it crush ice and frozen fruits with ease, but the demo showed it was perfect for food processing, juicing, making soup and even mixing cookie dough – WOW!

After my old blender conked out, I had already made up my mind the Ninja was the way to go.  I had had the Ninja 3-in-1 Kitchen System for about a month already and I loved the quality of the product.  That made me fall in love with the Ninja brand.  I quickly headed to Costco where I found the Ninja 1100 blender was smartly priced for my budget.  To my surprise, Costco had a $25 automatic rebate discount offer.  I was elated!  A great blender and a great deal – what could be better?  I came back home ready to read all about my new Ninja, peruse the cookbook and put it to work!  Fresh out of the box, I was just happy to be able to put this blender together without the mind of a puzzle master!  My old blender took forever to figure out the right way to place the blender on the base, let alone which way to twist and lock it into place.  The Ninja system was easy to figure out without even reading the manual!

That was about two months ago.  Since then, I have known no greater love for a kitchen gadget than my Ninja blender.  Shortly after I purchased it, the fancy schmancy baby food maker I purchased broke while trying to puree spinach for my  then 4 month old :(.  I was so disappointed, but more than that I didn’t want to waste the spinach I had just steamed!  I made a split-second decision to throw the spinach in the Ninja.  In just a few seconds, the Ninja turned the hot, steamed spinach into cream!  It was perfect!  I never looked back at the fancy schmancy baby food maker.  I now puree all of my baby infant son’s food in the Ninja.

I have to admit the Ninja blender has made me the laziest cook around.  It saves me so much cooking time with its fast chopping, blending or mixing action, I find myself throwing any recipes that require chopping, blending or mixing in the Ninja!  I have not baked one batch of cookies without first blending the ingredients in the Ninja using the dough paddle.  It works great!  I just add all the ingredients right in the pitcher, hit blend or pulse, then scoop it out right onto the baking pan.  I guess you can call it, “out of the Ninja, into the oven!” 😀

At least twice a week, I make a yummy smoothie in my Ninja.  I use the 9 cup pitcher because my family of 8 loves smoothies and even 2 batches in the 9 cup pitcher is not enough.  It only takes seconds to smoothly blend a mix of fresh and frozen fruit, green leafy vegetables, ice and hemp seeds.  In fact, it’s so smooth, I’ve even given my toothless 6 month old some of my smoothie concoctions.  He loves it!

Cocoa Banana-Cherry Kale Smoothie

Cocoa Banana-Cherry Kale Smoothie

From soups to smoothies to cookie dough to baby food, the Ninja 1100 Kitchen System is a proven, dependable blender of great quality at a great price.    It’s quick to clean, dishwasher safe, hard to break (especially if I haven’t broken it yet) and easy to use!  If you’re in the market for a new blender, I 1000% recommend it!



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