My Plant-based Grocery List: 5/8 to 5/15/13 (Chicago & NW Indiana)

Every other Thursday, I make my list for groceries from several stores that I consider low-price leaders in the Chicago area. I will always share my plant-based groceries here with you. Fresh fruits and vegetables and plant-based foods can be expensive, but I think our health is sooo worth it – don’t you? Hopefully these bi-weekly lists will help keep our bodies and our bank accounts in good health. :)



ultra foods

Ultra Foods (through Wednesday, 5/15/13)

red grapes ($1.28/lb)
corn-on-the-cob ($.19 ea)
iceberg lettuce head ($.68 ea)
5 lb bag Idaho potatoes ($1.99 ea)
1 pt grape tomatoes (2/$4)
cucumbers (2/$1)
lemons (2/$1)
2 lb bag baby carrots (2/$5)
mangos (2/$1)
4 lb bag oranges ($2.99 ea)
2 lb bag Vidalia onions ($1.99 ea)
papaya ($.99/lb)


Food4Less (through Tuesday, 5/14/13)


1 lb strawberries (4/$5)
Sweet Red apples ($.78/lb)
Golden Delicious apples ($.78/lb)
green cabbage ($.88/2 lbs)
red globe grapes ($1.78/lb)
mangos ($.88 ea)
small watermelon ($2.98 ea)
green onions (3/$.99)
white squash ($1.28/lb)
green beans ($1.28/lb)
salad tomatoes ($.78/lb)
yellow onions ($1/2 lbs)
10-12 oz Kroger frozen vegetables (10/$10)


Pete’s Fresh Market (through Tuesday 5/14/13)


10-12 ct box mangos ($4.99 ea)
watermelon ($.39/lb)
4 lb bag oranges (2/$5)
cantaloupe ($1.99 ea)
iceberg lettuce head ($.79 ea)
broccoli ($.79/lb)
jumbo white onions ($.39/lb)
1 pt cherry tomatoes ($.99/ea)
avocado (4/$1.99)
cilantro (4/$.98)
ginger ($.69/lb)
1 lb strawberries ($1.98 ea)
Manilla mangos (4/$1.99)
red & green seedless grapes ($1.69/lb)
grapefruit ($.69/lb)
Washington Golden apples ($.99/lb)


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