My Plant-based Grocery List – 2/28/13 (Chicago & NW Indiana)

Every other week, I make my list for groceries from several stores that I consider low-price leaders in the Chicago area.  I will always share my plant-based groceries here with you.  Fresh fruits and vegetables and plant-based foods can be expensive, but I think our health is sooo worth it – don’t you?  Hopefully these bi-weekly lists will help keep our bodies and our bank accounts in good health. 🙂


ultra foods

Ultra Foods (through 3/6)

bananas (3/$1)
16 oz bag baby carrots (4/$5)
3 lb bag yellow onions (2/$3)
large green peppers (4/$1)
lemons (3/$1)
8 lb bag russet potatoes ($1.99/ea)
Anjou/Bosc pears ($1.29/lb)




Food4Less (through 3/5)food4less

red grapes ($1.68/lb)
4 lb bag navel oranges ($1.98/ea)
vine tomatoes ($1.38/lb)
10 lb bag russet potatoes ($2.38/ea)
lemons (5/$1)
3 lb bag yellow onions ($1.68/ea)
Collard/mustard/turnip greens ($.68/lb)
sweet potatoes ($.58/lb)
avocados ($.98/ea)
Red Delicious apples ($.98/lb)
broccoli ($1.48/lb)


Pete’s Fresh Market (through 3/5)


asparagus ($1.99/lb)
16 oz (1 pint) blueberries ($1.99/ea)
6 oz blackberries ($.99/ea)
mangoes ($.79/ea)
grape tomatoes (1 pint) ($.99/ea)
8 lb bag russet potatoes ($1.79/ea)
large red peppers ($.99/lb)
Jonagold apples ($.99/lb)
green peppers (3/$.99)
cabbage ($.29/lb)
red/green grapes ($1.99/lb)
nectarines/peaches ($1.69/lb)
tangeries ($.79/lb)
minneolas ($.79/lb)
papaya ($.79/lb)
30 oz pitted dates ($4.99/ea)


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