Homemade Scalp Scrub

When I pay good money for good services, I try to pay attention to the products used.  When it comes to personal services like spa treatments, manicures and hair styling, I always pay attention to the technique used.  Although I love to indulge in life’s luxuries, time and money don’t always permit my desires.  So I’ve learned to be a DIYer for those times when I have to “make do” at home.

My husband loves to have his scalp massaged.  In fact, he’s said the massages I give him are far better than anything he’s found in spas.  That’s a HUGE compliment!  I attribute that to paying close attention to what masseuses use and how they use them.

I really love visiting the hair salon!  Having someone massage your scalp, wash away the impurities and create a new you with a simple upsweep or blow-dried tresses is nothing short of AMAZING!  Since my hair tends to be dry, salon treatments are often necessary to keep my hair healthy.  My dry scalp is so bad, I can no longer use regular store-bought products.  I have to use an expensive brand of shampoo products that can only be ordered online.  I have them auto-shipped every few months.  Believe me when I tell you, if I could cut costs on this, I would!  However, when I tried to cut costs, my hair cried out, “Can these dry bones live?” LOL!

After some research, I came up with this recipe for scalp scrub for two reasons: 1) to revitalize and oil my scalp more effectively and consistently and, 2) to treat my husband to a relaxing scalp massage frequently.  I have even used this on the kids.  They love the relaxing feel of it and I feel good that it keeps their hair follicles rejuvenated and healthy.

Homemade Scalp Scrub

Homemade Scalp Scrub

You will need:

2 tbsp tea tree or shea oil, (olive, peppermint or vitamin E are other options)
1 tbsp conditioner (use the cheapest one you have)
2 tbsp brown sugar


  1. Pour all ingredients in a small mixing bowl and stir until well blended.
  2. To apply to short hair, dip your fingers in the scrub and massage into scalp.  Ensure coverage of all areas including temple and nape of neck.
    To apply to long hair, part hair in 4 sections.  Dip your fingers in the scrub and massage into scalp section by section.  Ensure coverage.
  3. Massage for about 5 minutes or longer, if desired.
  4. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and follow up with normal shampoo/conditioning regime.

Note: This scrub can get messy.  I always drape a towel around my husband or the kids.  For myself, I apply the scrub in the shower before washing my hair.  It is best not to apply this scrub in a carpeted area to avoid soils, stains and hard to reach/clean sugar particles in the carpet.


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