**UPDATED 3/9/13** Homemade Goat Milk Infant Formula Recipe and Other Formula Tales

I’m sure most of you mothers know what an overwhelmingly good feeling it is to know that you are giving your baby the absolute best!  That is how I (and most mothers) felt with breastfeeding.  There’s no doubt about it, breast milk is the best, most nutritious, healthiest food a mother can give her infant.  I breastfed all of my children to the best of my ability and until the very last drop.  As a working mother, I’d be lying if I said it was easy to go to work, take a break every other hour and pump milk it.  Trying to store the milk in the community refrigerator without square looks was quite an embarrassing feat at times as well.  After several weeks of on-the-job pumping duty and supplemental herbs, teas, vitamins and techniques for increased milk production, I simply was not able to produce enough breast milk to satisfy my babies past 3 months.  Like clockwork, at 3 months of age, all 6 of my children placed a demand on my milk supply that my body simply could not meet.  Fortunately, they were all used to bottle feeding (even with breast milk), so the weaning part was not difficult.  Finding the right formula, however, was a job in itself – and no child liked the same formula as any of the others.

The formula my oldest daughter, Joya, was on back in 1992, SMA, was discontinued and pulled from shelves many years ago.  I had no clue about this until I had my second child, Hannah, about 8 years later.  SMA served the nutritional needs for my oldest daughter well and I felt no need to investigate its non-existence (nor did I have the time).  My second child proved to be “high maintenance” very early on.  Since I had decided to breastfeed and bottle feed her (so hubby could help), finding the right bottle was important.  I hadn’t been a mom in years so I thought any bottle would do – and I’d received several kinds of bottles at my baby shower so surely something I had on hand would work.  Nope!  After trying almost every bottle brand out there, Hannah would only take the most expensive kind at the time – Playtex bottles.  You know, the kind you have to keep buying the sterilized, plastic drop-ins forever?  Boy, those years were something else!  Just like her bottle needs, her formula needs proved to be high maintenance as well (as well as diaper, wipes and all infant staples needs).  After trying a plethora of formulas (and not being well versed in return policies), Hannah would only hold down Nestle Carnation infant formula.  Yep, you guessed it, the most expensive formula out there at the time!  Thanks Hannah! 😉Maia and sunglasses 2009

My third child, SJ, was the most easy-going baby ever.  I can’t recall him crying even once – well, maybe when the doctor spanked his butt :).  SJ was my “cool” baby.  He could go with the flow on anything.  He drank just about any infant formula – of course, we only found that out after trying several different brands and noticing there was no difference in his reactions.  I forgot what formula we settled on for him.  My fourth and fifth children, Josh and Maia, were Enfamil babies.  With Maia, even though she held down Enfamil for the most part, she would spit up at large.  Because she was still happy, healthy and growing, I didn’t think much of her massive spit-up spells.  If I only knew then what I know now, I could have restored her esophagus comfort (all that reflux has to be uncomfortable as it is for adults) and saved myself from a few soiled outfits.scan0003[1]

My youngest child, Noah, is 6 months now.  Just like the rest of the kids, Noah was breastfed faithfully for the first 3 months.  At birth, Noah had some complications which caused him to spend his first day of life in the NICU.  Although I had had a caesarian, I was adamant about them not feeding him formula.  In all my pain (and with all my “glory” trailing me in my open-back hospital gown), every few hours I’d head down the hall to the NICU to breastfeed my baby.  He still had to be formula fed a little, and when they did give him formula, it was Enfamil Newborn.  Naturally, I thought upon weaning Noah, Enfamil Newborn would be the best choice.  In addition to that, a friend of mine gave us tons of Similac brand formula that she was unable to use.  We thought we were set for life!  However, Noah had the same reflux problems Maia had.  Like Maia, he was still a happy, healthy, growing baby, but this time I paid closer attention.

I talked to my doctor on several occasions about Noah’s chronic regurgitation.  At every visit, he assured me that Noah was always at or above the growth percentile for his age so some spitting up was not a big deal.  He advised I give Noah more solid foods and introduce diluted juice earlier than usual.  Noah would often do an Exorcist style projectile right there in the doctor’s office – then smile and giggle and coo like nothing ever happened while the paper on the patient bed was soaked to pieces.  For some reason, this time I just could not ignore Noah’s spitting up.  It was no worse than Maia’s, but it troubled me enough to resolve that there must be something I could do about it.  I tried every formula out there.  Whether it was soy-based formula, formula with added or removed this or that, Noah would still puke on the regular.  He went through an average of 5 burping cloths, 6 bibs and 4 changed outfits per day.

After weeks of research, I stumbled upon an article on a goat milk baby formula alternative.  I’ve never been much of a milk drinker (whether dairy or plant-based), but I’ve always loved goat milk products like goat cheese.  Since I knew the taste was a bit milder, I wondered if goat milk would work for Noah.  I read several articles, even those by physicians who supported it and organizations that denounced it.  It really helped to know that goat milk is closer to human milk than cows milk.  I finally discussed it with my husband and we decided to give it a try.  Noah was 5 months 002when we first gave him goat milk formula.

On my first attempt, I was still a little apprehensive.  I had a few different recipes I wanted to try, but I decided to mix it with his current formula first just to see how he would take to it.  Since he was drinking 8 oz bottles, I tried 4 oz of formula and 4 oz of goat milk (nothing added).  I am not kidding you when I tell you the very day he started with this goat milk/formula mixture, he stopped spitting up.  I monitored him for a week and checked in with the daycare often.  For the first time, Noah would go full days in one outfit and bibs were only needed for drooling.  I considered that instant success!

When the infant formula finally ran out (because I wasn’t wasting an ounce of that expensive stuff and especially since I knew it did the job when mixed with goat milk), it was time to switch Noah over to the full recipe for goat milk formula.  I have tried a few varieties and can say that the combinations I’ve used (even with the alternatives listed) all work well for Noah.  After talking to Noah’s pediatrician, the goat milk formula was given his blessing.  I am very pleased to say Noah is now entirely on this goat milk formula with no setbacks, side effects and – most of all – no more reflux!  Add to that the fact that the frequency (note: not consistency) of his stools even changed.  I heard a nutritionist say once that humans that eat 3 times per day should have the same amount of bowel movements per day.  Noah was a once per day pooper and, occasionally, his poop would be hard or difficult for him to pass.  Since going on the goat milk formula (in addition to my homemade baby food), Noah poops up to 3 times per day – and it’s soft and easy to pass!  Woohooo!!  I’m one proud mommy!

This recipe makes 32 oz. of goat milk formula – or 4-8 oz bottles.  I put all the ingredients in my Ninja blender, then pour in a 32 oz container, seal and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.  Here’s what I use and why:

  1. 4 tbsp powdered goat milk – I first purchased powdered goat milk at a local health food store.  I have since discovered it is sold at Whole Foods and I’ve recently found it online at Amazon.   It is cheapest on Amazon ($9.07 per 12 oz can) plus shipping is free.  Additionally, you get a 5% discount if you enable autoship in which you can pre-order the milk for up to 6 month increments.
    The Meyenberg brand is the only brand I’ve found and it works great!  It is fortified with folic acid and vitamin D as an added bonus for babies.  I have also used store-bought goat milk and diluted it using a 1:1 milk/water ratio (for this recipe, that would be 2 cups goat milk to 2 cups water).  I have read that evaporated goat milk can also be used.
  2. 4 tsp organic coconut oil – Coconut oil is the most abundant natural source of an essential saturated fat called lauric acid which is found in high amount in breast milk.  In fact, breast milk is the only other natural source that contains such a high amount of lauric acid.  Lauric acid helps to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungus in the body.  As well, coconut oil is known for regulating blood sugar and thyroid function.
    I have always kept coconut oil as a kitchen staple.  This was a plus because the initial investment for goat milk formula ingredients can be pricey albeit worth it.  Not having to purchase coconut oil was great!  I purchase my coconut oil from Amazon as well because I can usually take advantage of free shipping.  I pay about $9 for a 15 oz container of coconut oil.  I know this is sacrilege for me, but I have never done price comparison shopping for coconut oil so if you think you can find it cheaper elsewhere, you probably can :).
  3. 4 tsp organic sunflower oil (alternative: extra virgin olive oil) – Sunflower oil (and olive oil) provide monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.  Unsaturated fats balance blood cholesterol.  Sunflower oil has significantly more vitamin E than olive oil, but olive oil contains more vitamin K than sunflower oil.  I prefer sunflower oil for the milder flavor/scent in the infant formula.  Since both provide enough essential unsaturated fats and vitamins, and we are adding a multivitamin to the formula (keep reading), both oils will work.  I have also read where the oil can be omitted.
    Like most households, extra virgin olive oil is a staple in my kitchen.  I buy it blindly when I shop at low-price leader grocery stores and don’t pay much attention to price.  I’ve even found it at Aldi and Walmart.  Sunflower oil, on the other hand, was much more difficult to get my hands on.  I found it at Whole Foods for about $5 for a 16 oz bottle.  Sunflower oil can also be purchased on Amazon.
  4. 4 tbsp organic agave nectar (alternative: organic 100% maple syrup, brown rice syrup) – The sugar and high carbohydrate content found in agave nectar are necessary for brain growth.  Forty percent of the calories from breast milk come from carbohydrates called lactose.  A breast milk substitute, therefore, would have to be high in carbs as well.
    I have been buying agave nectar in bulk at Costco since I have started plant-based eating.  It is much sweeter than regular sugar so I use less of it, and therefore, it lasts a lot longer.  I cannot recall how much I paid for it (since I’ve had it for so long).  I do know that it is sold in most grocery stores.  I also keep maple syrup as a kitchen staple for plant-based eating.  I am not particularly fond of maple syrup’s taste as a condiment.  However, it works fine as sugar substitutes in most baked ingredients.  Like agave nectar, 100% maple syrup can be found at almost any grocery store including Walmart.  I’ve found it the cheapest at Aldi for about $4.
  5. 1/2 tsp unsulphured blackstrap molasses – This provides B-vitamins, iron, calcium and trace minerals.  Molasses also helps with alleviate constipation.  I have not had a problem with this amount, but decrease the amount if stools are too loose.
    I found molasses at Walmart and thought I struck gold.  When I got it home, I realized it was not unsulphured blackstrap molasses and the two differ by processing method.  I found the unsulphured molasses at Whole Foods.
  6. 1/2 tsp infant probiotic strain – I had always heard of probiotic in my favorite yogurt products before now, but never paid much attention to it.  Breast milk is extremely high in probiotics.  Probiotics improve digestive functions and boost the good bacteria in our bodies to fight the bad bacteria which prevents infection.  Breast milk contains numerous probiotic strains including lactobacillus genus, lactobacillus gasseri and lactobacillus fermentu.
    The infant probiotic comes in a vitamin bottle and is a powdery substance so it’s easy to add to liquids and foods.  I found a brand by Maxi Baby Care at Whole Foods.  It can also be purchased at Amazon, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and most health food stores.
  7. 4 tsp natural infant liquid multivitamins (or proportioned amount per package directions and amount of milk being made) – This adds in all the missing and extra vitamins your infant needs.  If you are adding this to his/her daily diet already, I would not advise including this in the formula too.
    I found a multivitamin brand by Maxi Baby Care at Whole Foods.  It can also be purchased at Amazon, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and most health food stores.  Poly-vi-sol is another popular infant vitamin brand and it can be found at Walmart.
  8. 32 oz warm nursery or filtered water – Goat milk powder is harder to dissolve in cold water than store-bought formula.  Make sure your water is hot or warm for better mixing and clump-free formula.

**************************UPDATE 3/10/13**********************************

After making this for a few months, I’ve experimented with a few additional products and formula alterations. The original formula is still a great recipe and works well. I have also altered the following based on my 8-month’s old diet (he’s eating lots of homemade fresh fruits and veggies now): photo (32)

  1. I found a powdered multivitamin by NutriStart that works well. It has basically the same nutrient components as the brand I used above, only slightly more vitamins C and E, biotin and zinc. It also has selenium which is hard to find in any vitamin. Selenium (in small amounts) helps the body make special protein and provides post-vaccination protection. I like the powdered vitamin because it’s easy to mix and there are no additional flavorings added. That means the milk tastes more like milk and less like fruit (I could not find a flavor-free version of the other liquid vitamin). NutriStart can be found online here, but I found mine at Whole Foods.
  2. Since the powdered vitamin in addition to the fruits and vegetables daily provide more necessary nutrients and essential fats, I’ve reduced the amount of coconut and sunflower oils. I only add 1 tbsp of each now (1 teaspoon less of each).
  3. I found a less expensive probiotic by Udo’s Choice. It can be purchased online here as well, but I found mine at Whole Foods. Because such a small amount of probiotic is used in the formula, it lasts a long time. However, this brand comes in a slighter larger package and costs less than the one I originally used. Remember to keep your probiotic refrigerated (I did not know this at first, but it makes sense because it is sold in the refrigerated section at the health food store). If you purchase this online, you should receive it refrigerated (or ice-packed) as well.
  4. Lastly, I have added an extra tablespoon of goat milk powder to Noah’s formula. This is to provide him with more milk and calcium and just my own personal preference.

All of the adjustments above are completely optional and my son’s intake of the old formula and the adjusted formula are the exact same (he still does about 4 – 8 oz. bottles per day).

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor.  I am just a mom that did a little research and found something that worked for my little one.  This formula was okayed by my family pediatrician and should you consider switching your child, you should consult your family pediatrician for approval as well.

Please do feel free to leave me a comment or ask any questions.  If there’s any way I can help, I’d be more than happy to.  I sincerely hope this formula is a blessing to you and your little one as it is for mine.


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68 Responses to **UPDATED 3/9/13** Homemade Goat Milk Infant Formula Recipe and Other Formula Tales

  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Joyce! I just found your blog and I just started giving my 7month old baby boy the same formula you are using! I don’t know if it is coincidence, but until last night, he had not slept through the night once… and last night he did, right after his second Goat Milk Formula. He loves it!! I think this is the best (besides breastmilk) that I can offer him. How did you store your formula? in individual bottles or all in one glass bottle? I’m asking because this morning that I went to make his milk, the oils had solidified on top of the bottle and it took quite a few shakes to mixed everything so I could pour in his baby bottle. Was this your experience as well? Thank you in advance for your input!!

    • Hi Sandra, that’s AMAZING news and thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! Yes, I did have the same issue with the oil solidifying. It is the coconut oil that solidifies and you can do a couple of things to alleviate it. I store my formula in a large BPA-free plastic pitcher with a screw-on lid. When I am ready to make Noah’s bottles, I give the pitcher a good shake or two before I pour the milk in the bottle. I heat the milk in the bottle using water heated in my electric kettle. It warms pretty quickly and I give it another quick shake before serving. Also, another option that I have tried is to reduce the coconut oil. I started that about a month or so ago and that really helps. Lastly, it helps to liquefy (or heat) the coconut oil before blending with the other ingredients to make the formula. This reduces the chances of it clumping once refrigerated. Try those and see if it helps. I’d be interesting in knowing what works best for you. Thanks again and so happy to hear your baby boy is sleeping through the night. That means he is satisfied (and so are you). 😉

      • Sandra says:

        Thanks for your reply Joyce…. I’ll keep you posted. Last night I put everthing back in the blender for a few minutes and that seemed to help. I guess when I made it I didn’t blend it that much! I’ll try to put it in the big container… Thanks again…. Sandra

  2. Steph says:

    I made this last night and gave my 4 month old son 2 oz. He loved it but now today he has a diaper rash. Which ingredient could have caused it? I really want this to work for us as my milk supply can no longer keep up with him no matter what I try to increase it. Feeling so bummed again 🙁 Also I am not able to read all the comments. Do you know why? Thanks.

  3. Olu says:

    Hello Thank you for your post.its really been up lifting I just started my 8 month old on the formula using raw goat milk which she seems to gobble up quicker than her previous formula. But she doesn’t seen to like the blackstrap molasses and maple syrup,so I’m just making it with all other ingredients.im worried about her iron intake and b vitamins.do you recommend any alternatives? At the moment I’m doing 1:1 ratio can I increase the goat milk to water ratio as she’s 8 months already
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Olu, I’m so glad the goat milk formula has been a blessing to you and your child. To your question, I say there are no real rules here. Trust your motherly instincts. You can definitely increase the goat milk to water ratio and test it out with your child. Iron and Vitamin B can also be added/supplemented in her foods (I’m assuming you’ve started her on solids by 8 months). That way, you can exclude them from the milk if she doesn’t like it and still have the necessary nutrients as part of her daily diet.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Dana says:

    So if I was on the go, I have to keep it cold right? And then find a way to heat it up right?

  5. Alexis says:

    Hi there! How long will the milk last after heating? Most formulas say to diacard after an hour so not sure if this will last longer after heating. Thank you!!!!!

    • Hi Alexis, that is a great question. I can’t say that my little one ever had much left after heating. He seemed to devour every ounce LOL. I would stick with the industry standard to be safe, however.

  6. Sheree says:

    My son is eating 5-6oz every three hours now instead of struggling to get 3oz in an hour in him! So thank you for the recipe!
    It doesn’t seem as filling as formula.. Is that right?
    If I wanted to provide him with more calories to catch up on weight a bit.. Is there a way to do that?
    Thank u again!

    • Hi Sheree, I think it’s just as filling as formula if not more for the babies. I always suggest adding more calories/carbohydrates by mixing cereal (rice or oats) with the milk or solids like pureed peas, squash, etc. I’m not sure how old your baby is but I started solids with my son around 4 months.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  7. Dianna says:

    How long can this recipe last in the fridge? Thank you! I can’t wait to try!

  8. Karen says:

    I just ordered some of the Nutri Start multivitamin powder and it contains probiotics. Would you still add the other probiotics? or is it probably enough?

  9. Tara says:

    Hi! I have a two week old little one that is on this formula and she is a little constipated. Do you have any suggestions to help relieve that? (I am unable to breast feed)

    • Hi Tara, you can try diluting with more water and/or reducing the amount of molasses. I’d try reducing molasses first and see if that helps. Then try adjusting the water/powder ratio. For the next month or so, I’d suggest sticking with whichever method helped alleviate your baby’s constipation.

      Let me know what works. Thanks!

  10. Gabby says:

    I have been giving my child goats milk as soon as i stopped breastfeeding,and she has done AMAZING on it. I want to try this formaula but a little confused on the water ratio? at the top it says 2 cups goats milk and 2 cups water. at the end of the article it has 32 oz of water so all together with milk and water you will be gicing 36 oz correct? i just need to know how much water to use … Can someon help me

    • Hi Gabby,

      32 ounces is correct. 1 cup = 8 ounces, so 4 cups (2 milk/2water) will amount to 32oz. Since oils and syrups are also liquid, it may amount to just over 32 ounces total. Thanks!

  11. Shy says:

    Hi there!

    I totally love the formula and have tweaked it a little bit for my 4 month old. We are struggling right now with gas. She has horrible, horrible gas! We are using the formula as a supplement because im not pumping enough for her feedings during the day. When shes home she nurses just fine. Could it be the combination of the two? Should I try watering the formula down a bit more? Tia!


  12. Lindsay Ernst says:

    Hi Joyce! I’m looking for some insight. I have been using this recipe since our daughter was born 3 months ago. However, since she turned 2 mons. she’s been super irritable and can’t be put down. I know she is also teething but I’m reevaluating the formula to make sure I am doing it right. My recipe is same as your except I use brown rice syrup and olive oil instead. However, my question is, when you say 4 tbsp. goats milk powder, are you using a tbsp. measureing spoon or the scoop that is included? The can says the scoop is 2 tbsp. so you’d only used 2 scoops?

    I feel like she is starving all the time, eating 4-5 ounces every 2-3 hours. Seems like a lot and she’s not happy. Just want to make sure I’m doing this thing right 🙂

    Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!

    • Hi Lindsay, I used an actual tablespoon measure that I kept in the goat milk powder can. Either way will work as you’ve suggested. If your baby is always hungry, it might be time to introduce pureed fruits and veggies and/or add cereal to their diet. I suggest addressing your concern with your pediatrician. Thanks!

  13. http says:

    Hi. My 4 month old is milk protein intolerant. Will this recipe work for her? Tia

  14. Jill says:

    Hi, so I just I have a question! I have a 8 month old son and have only exclusively pumped. I have given him goats milk just for him to try but I am curious because maybe I did something wrong but I did the 2 scoop fulls of the powdered milk and 3/4 cup of water (as it states on the directions). Am I doing something awfully wrong? Sorry I just don’t know as I’m a first time mom! I loved your blog though and will look more into it! Thank you!!:)

    • Hi Jill, if you followed the package directions on the goat milk container, then that’s fine if you just want your infant to try goat’s milk. For future use though and to ensure he receives the proper nutrients, I would recommend you follow the recipe (if he likes the goat milk). 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Beth says:

    Hi, I would like to know if this is the recommended recipe, mainly concerned with the pro biotic and vitamin doses, for newborns? I can’t find any recommended dosages for infants under 6 months so I have no idea. Thanks!

    • Hi Beth, I’m not sure what you mean by recommended recipe. This post is not supported by any brands; this is the recipe I used for my infant and it worked well. I know there are several other recipes on the web as well that mothers will attest to. Does that help?

  16. Beth says:

    Sorry, forgot one more! 🙂 What about DHA requirements? Thanks again, much appreciated.

  17. Sandy Nelles says:

    Hey Ms. Joyce,
    Just wanted to thank you for posting your blog. It has literally saved our baby from throwing up almost every feeding and saved our sanity! His GERD was so severe, we discovered he had sleep apnea. Dr’s put him on every formula to no avail. The last recommendation two weeks ago was to put him under anesthesia but I knew I could not go this route yet. I found your blog and started doing more and more research and have had our 6 month old on this formula for over a week and the first few days absolutely no vomiting! He has been since only throwing up maybe once per day. HUGE Improvement! Thank you for taking time out of your life to share your discovery. I can’t say enough words to describe how grateful we are to have found you and your blog! 🙂 It’s making me want to investigate the whole eating “raw” idea. Not sure where to begin but def interested. Again thank you. You are a true blessing.

    • Sandy, you don’t know how much that made my day! It’s a blessing just to be a blessing! So glad this worked out for your little precious one! Thank you so much for your kind words and many blessings to you and your family! 🙂

  18. Sandra Padilla says:

    Hello Ms. Joyce, my baby boy was a premmie born at 25weeks, he is going to be 1yr old on Oct 8…in a week 🙂 but a djusting his age he is 8 months..been breastfeeding sinceramente born, my problem is that im running out of breast milk i had in freezer and im not producing enough…planning on suplemento with goats milk powder recibe…but dont know if i should folklore a recipe for a 8 month old or a 1 year old…he is eating frut, vegetales and cereal already. Also for regarding on plane..what do u recomendó we do with goats milk?? Help please! ! Thanks so much!!

  19. Sandra Padilla says:

    Im sorry my phone repites whatever it wants lol…sorry. breastfeeding since he was born. Planning on supplementing with goats milk recipe. But dont know if i should make a recipe for an 8 months old or a 1 year old. Also for traveling on plane what do u recommend?? Thanks and im sorry 🙂

  20. Michelle says:

    Hi Joyce!

    My daughter is almost 7 months old and shes been on this formula for about 3-4 months now! She has no problem gobbling it down, but shes had pretty hard BMs and sometimes it takes her 3+ days to have a BM. I’ve tried to completely take out the molasses, severely lowered her multivitamins and it still hasnt seemed to help much. Ive tried to give her prune juice in her bottles and ground flax seed in her food and that helped at first, but now she still seems to be having some problems again. I’d love to keep her on the formula bc everything else seems to be going great, i’m just concerned with her BMs. Do you have any other advice to change her formula before I switch her to something else?? Thanks much!!

  21. Maegan says:

    Hi! I was just wondering how exactly you mixed the goats milk with the formula? Also your recipe has all the vitamins that makes babies grow strong and healthy? I’ve been doing some research and so far your the only one I’ve come across that seems to know anything! My son constantly vomits all day every day and as of now pedi have put him on nutramigen bc of the milk protein allergy.

  22. Eliza says:

    Could not be more excited to have found this recipe. First try seemed super simple! Its been a long two and a half month of trying to get breastfeeding to work, so we’ve been supplementing. Normal formula stinks and has made my baby girl fussy. Thank you so much for sharing!

  23. Flora says:

    Hi Joyce! My grandson was on formula from almost day 1 and it started to make him gassy and uncomfortable. He is just over 7 weeks old. I talked the kids into switching to a goat milk formula like the one you posted here (I use basically the same products you do from a health food store). The Meyenberg’s powdered goat’s milk I get at Walmart for under $10.00 a can). He is doing much better! We switched right away instead of weaning and it was an overnight improvement! Now, I have to say that the smell and taste of goat cheese makes me gag so I am very proud of myself that I haven’t tossed my cookies after an occasional spit up after feeding him (I watch him several days a week and prepare the formula). Once the formula is made it smells really good and it tastes rather pleasant (had to try it). But once my grandson spits some up, holy moly! LOL! I use the organic brown rice syrup but may try the agave syrup as well. I like the taste of that a little better. Ok, thought I would leave a comment since we have an infant who has been on formula and not breastfed at all. The goat’s milk has made a big difference for the better! After reading the ingredient’s of these manufactured formulas and doing some research on alternatives, this is where I landed…goats and natural ingredients! 🙂

  24. Flora says:

    Oh, one more thing… What I do to make sure he gets the oils in him, because they do separate in the bottle while he is eating, I don’t overfill the bottle so he takes it all in. I can always give him more if he wants it. Right now he is going 4 hours on 4 to 5 oz and a bit longer at night. Sometimes 5 to 6 hours! 🙂

  25. Sera Encarnacion says:

    Hi Joyce,

    Happy New Year…thank you so much for posting…my daughter is 5 weeks old today and unfortunately my milk supply went really low…I have been doing endless amounts of research of what is the next best thing to give her… I wanted to give her raw goats milk…kinda hard when you live in Brooklyn NY..but I researched farms and found one that was able to ship me 1/2 gallon of raw goats milk long story short I became very nervous to give her the raw goats milk after doing further research (so now my husband and I are left to drink the milk) I found the meyenberg goast milk powder on Amazon and fed it to her for the first time yesterday…she finished the whole body and slept long thru the night 🙂 Im very happy but just want to be sure that Im giving her the correct amount and not too much for her since she is only 5 weeks old…is you recipe for babies as young as her? Please let me know thank you for your input..it is greatly appreciated 🙂

  26. adora says:

    Where can I get this goats milk from ?

  27. Samantha Jeddeloh says:

    Hello Joyce!
    I must give credit where credit is due and it is DUE! Thank you so much for this wonderful and easy to make recipe. My son has been breastfeeding/ supplementing with formula for 3 months. He is 4 months old. He has been very colicky and cranky for those three months. It has recently been discovered he has a milk allergy and possibly soy allergy. So he has been allergic to every formula we have tried. I was unable to give him anything other than breastmilk for the last two days which is great but my supply does not put up with his needs so he had been starving until I found your recipe! I fed him his first bottle 3 hours ago, and he was the happiest he’s been in a while. He had also been sleeping wonderfully which is something he never does. I may even use this until dairy and soy gets out of my milk as well.
    Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,
    Thank you for saving my sanity and my baby’s tummy!

  28. Donna Grass says:

    If I am going from OTC formula (which is making reflux worse) to this formula do I need to ween her by mixing the two formulas together and slowly go over to all this formula?

  29. Laura says:

    Hello Joyce,

    Thank you so much for the recipe, my son really loves it. It has been a savior. My son started to show some redness in different parts of his body and the doctor said it looked like eczema or might be allergic. We switched to a different formula and hi started to spit up with every feeding. It was so stressing, but finally I found your site and your recipe and he has been doing so much better since he started to drink this home made formula.
    I do have a question about the update your posted and would truly appreciate if you could give me some guidance. When you switched to the powdered multivitamins, how much did you put in the recipe? In the original recipe, it says 4 tsp of the liquid multivitamins, but with the powdered one, I don’t know if I should also follow the 4 tsp of the powder to a different doze. Could you clarify this?

    Thank you!! :o)


  30. Elisa Yoder says:

    Can this recipe used for tiny babies? Like from day 1?

  31. Jamie says:

    Hello Joyce,
    Thank you for posting this recipe. I am gearing up to try it soon. I have a question. The powered goat milk called for 2 scoops(4 tablespoons) to make 8 oz. Your recipe calls for 4 tablespoons( 2 scoops) to make 16 oz. then add 16 oz of water for 32 oz total. Is there a reason to dilute the goat milk down? It would be 1 scoop per 8 oz instead of 2 scoops like the directions on can. Thank you for your time!

  32. Deidra says:

    I’m curious. I’ve started giving my infant goat milk formula. I’m curious why do some of the formulas use 4tablespoons of powdered goat milk and others say 8 scoops which seems to be almost twice as much. I was using 4tablespoons but she seemed to not stay satisfied that long so now I’m adding more. I use Meyenburg goat milk powder. Thanks for any advice or suggestions!!

  33. Jana Davila says:

    Hi there. I just started making this for my newborn son… the recipe I have is identical to this one, however it also called for Gelatin powder? So I bought organic beef gelatin powder at the healthfood store…does this need to be added? It says its to “seal the gut”? He seems like he has been getting upset tummies/gassy and a bit more fussy, and I wonder if it is that? He poops like 3 times in the middle of the night, which REALLY makes him upset when he has to have diaper changed. 😉 Thank you Joyce 🙂

  34. Alicea says:

    Hello Joyce!

    I just want to make absolutely sure before moving forward this way, but I am fully on board with supplementing (I’m preparing for the worst-case scenario as I return to work within a week) with goat’s milk formula.

    Do you still stand by this now, 2 years later (the article was written in 2013, and the last of the comments is 2014)? I am sure you do, but I just wanted to know if anything has changed, or if you’ve found any new research to recommend otherwise.

    Thanks so much for posting this as your blog is helping fortify my resolve to move forward using this for my infant son!

    My pediatrician did have a concern regarding the lack of B12 and folate in Goat’s Milk, but I know that Meyenberg comes fortified and nutritional yeast also supplies both nutrients, so I was going to make it with both of those (as well as all the other ingredients that satisfy other nutritional requirements). He said that as long as the folate amount satisfied what is medically recommended, he had no concerns with our supplementing using this formula.

    Thanks again for this insight and for taking the time to read this!


  35. Destynee says:

    Hello! Ive had my 3 month old on this formula for 3 weeks now and shes thriving beautifully!!! I have one concern on the multivitamin dosage. Im using infant care liquid vitamins. The package says 1 ml per day. I noticed when you used the maxi baby vitamins, it had the same instructions. My question is what is the reason for using 4 ml instead of 1 ml per day? Im afraid of overdosing her. Is it because were not using commercial formula with these vitamins? Thank you so much Joyce.

    • Destynee says:

      To rephrase my prior question, I see that on the directions for the Maxi baby care multivitamin it says do not exceed more than 1 tsp per day so My question would be why did you add 4 tsp into your daily batch? My vitamins say the same so I want to be sure im dosing correctly.

  36. Reagan Lausche says:

    Hi Joyce,
    I’ve been using a home-made goat’s milk formula for my son for a few months now, and he is thriving on it. I researched your recipe along with many others and kind of came up with one of my own. My question is how did you figure out how much Agave to add into 32 ounces of formula? I have been adding 8-9 tablespoons into the 16 cup batch that I make. My son is thriving, gaining weight exactly as he should be, but I am now realizing that maybe this might not be enough carbs/calories for him?? He is 5 months. Should I start increasing the agave? I feel like his formula is sooo sweet already, with only half of the agave that you are adding. After researching the nutritional content of lactose vs agave (usually 4 TBSP’s of lactose are added to 4 cups of home made formula), Agave has 15 more calories, 4 more carbs, and 4 more sugars in a TBSP than lactose. So doing the math, a 4 cup batch with 4 tbsp’s of lactose would be equivalent to 3 tbsp’s of agave, nutritionally speaking. Right?

  37. Retha Caldwell says:

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My daughter is 5 1/2 months old and since birth has been dealing with so many issues. She has severe reflux, and is allergic to soy and cows milk protein. We have tried every formula on the market including all of the prescription hypoallergenic formulas. Nothing worked. She would vomit so much we spent almost every weekend in the ER getting her IV fluids, she was even admitted a few times. She was also prescribed several different reflux medications but would not help her because she couldn’t keep it down. I can’t count the amount of people who asked if I had tried Goats Milk. I asked her pediatrician and her GI specialist about trying goats milk, they noth were reluctant because of fear she wouldn’t get enough vitamins. After her last trip to the hospital I decided to follw my heart and do what I thought was best for her. I spent countless hours researching different recipes and was most comfortable trying your recipe. After the very first feeding, the miracle I had been praying for came true. Its been almost 2 weeks and she has not vomited 1 time. Her reflux seems to be gone, in fact she can now lay flat with no discomfort. She even slept in her crib last night for the first time!!! Again, thank you so much.

    • Joyce says:

      Retha, your good news just blessed me. I haven’t blogged in a while; I was just browsing my own site trying to find some purpose and came upon your comment. Wow! I’m so happy for you and your daughter. That’s an amazing testimony and I’m so glad I could share in that. God bless!

  38. Jessica pinegar says:

    What has all of your pediatricians said about you using goat milk formula??? My daughter’s stomach doctor flipped out on me the other day. Put her on elecare timber started having the same problems as before so I put her back on the goat milk. Someone told me they would get the state involved if they thought I was doing something unsafe. I’m stressed about this she is so much better on goat milk.

  39. Katherine Bailey says:

    I see that on the directions for the Maxi baby care multivitamin it says do not exceed more than 1 tsp per day so My question would be why did you add 4 tsp into your daily batch? My vitamins say the same so I want to be sure im dosing correctly.

  40. Maria says:

    I gave my son just the goat milk formula and scare me because he is spitting up the formula and seems in pain, I did this because I did not read about all other ingredients needed to be added, he has been using alimentum for not digesting protein well and is so expensive and reflux acting up again, I’m just scared if only the goat milk got him spitting up, would it really help to do the mixed?

    • Joyce says:

      Hi Maria, you may want to consult your pediatrician about that. Perhaps it is a lactose issue? I’m not sure, but want the best for your baby. As mom, you know best. 🙂

  41. My granddaughter is only 7 weeks old and we have struggled to help her. Already being treated by a specialist, 2 Er visits and the whole nine yards. (Her Dad, my son, has 32 food allergies so we knew ahead of time this could be an issue) Put her on goat milk and she is finally happy, pooping on her own and not throwing up and screaming non-stop. Her mom is nervous about using powdered goat milk and wants to stick with the refrigerated one. If we mix it to equal 32 oz, do you think adding the other ingredients (vitamins and such) will be okay. I did read that straight goat milk is not good because of the higher protein content so we are adding water as well to dilute it some.

    • Joyce says:

      This is so wonderful, Melissa! I used both the powdered and refrigerated goat milk with the other ingredients and everything was fine. Glad it’s helping. 🙂

  42. Erica Carraway says:

    I must rave rave rave!!!!
    I have been making this for my babygirl that’s been exclusively breastfed for 4 months. She was having BM issues that have been solved once we started to supplement with this recipe. She has been thriving! Happy and healthy and so smart! I make it everyday and it’s easy to travel with. She gobbles it down! I’ve mixed with the rice cereal she loves it! I will be introducing solids soon but we will definitely be continuing to make this as well and I’ve been referring it to all the moms I know! Thank you sooooo much!

  43. Heather says:

    I was wondering if you would recommend freezing this at all?

    • Joyce says:

      Hi Heather, I don’t think I ever froze mine for risk of the ingredients separating but I don’t think it would hurt anything. At most, you’ll definitely need to warm and blend or shake it up again really well before serving. Thanks for your inquiry! 🙂

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