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P31:25 ~ Strength and dignity are her clothing; And she laugheth at the time to come

2014 NWI Free Summer Fun Calendar (For Working Moms)

fun in the park

fun in the park

It took a while for me to finish my summer fun calendar this year. It’s like the season just crept up on me. I mean really, it was winter and snowing and Jack Frost and what not and then all of a sudden it was 80 degrees! Just like that!

While there are lots of happenings around town this summer, I had to rethink everything I could list. For one, I started this calendar years ago as a way to keep me on track with fun and free stuff to do with the kids. But for two, and perhaps most importantly for this calendar, I am a working mom. So while I’d love to include everything going on during the daytime while I’m at work and the kids are in camp or at grandma’s, it’s just not my reality – what’s more, it’s a lot of work since there’s way more daytime stuff than after work stuff. It’s my firm belief working moms in Northwest Indiana are few and far in between¬†HA!

So without further adieu, I’m sharing with you everything I’ve compiled that’s free. If you have something to add, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll update the list.

Carpe diem, y’all! ūüėČ

2014 NWI summer fun-June

fun in the library: making ice cream

fun in the library: making ice cream

Fun In The City: Les Miserables (Perfect For Mother’s Day)

Recently, the hubby and I went to see Les Miserables at Drury Lane Theater in Oak Brook. While I realize Oak Brook can be quite a drive for some (as it was for us), the theater experience was soooo worth it. Drury Lane is a small intimate theater, with plush, roomy seats that are closeContinue Reading

The Cunningham Chronicles: Dating Your Kids

We are the Cunninghams – 1 dad, 1 mom, 6 kids – whew! Yep, that’s us. ¬†People often ask, “How do you make time for 6 kids and still have time for yourself?” The answer, as always, is, “You make time to do what you want to do – if it’s something/someone you love, you’llContinue Reading

The Cunningham Chronicles: Battle of the Sockses

Yeah, yeah, so I know the title is poor grammar but it’s really so appropriate. I have 2 boys that are 2 years apart in age and wear the same sock size¬†and they literally WAR over socks…E V E R Y doggone day!!! Can any of you moms out there feel my pain? In myContinue Reading

I have a 1 year old: Noah’s Backyard Luau!

Yes, I went absolutely and completely out of mind over Noah’s 1st birthday! He is the smallest thing in the house. He will never remember this party, nor the guests, nor what he wore that day. Heck, he couldn’t even feast on most of the fancy fixin’s…the kid only has two teeth!! Nonetheless, in myContinue Reading

What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

Everyone knows I¬†love food…love trying new restaurants, pleasing my pallette and indulging my taste buds. So like every other year for the last 13 years, when my hubby asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I reviewed my restaurant list and picked a winner.¬† That was two weeks ago…maybe more. The past few weekends, IContinue Reading

Fun in the City: Aroma Workshop, Chicago

Does the constant pestering of the perfume counter ladies annoy you when you step into the department store? Do you struggle with finding just the right scent for you? Are the scents you sample too fruity or not enough? Too floral or not enough? Too woodsy or not enough? Have you ever wanted to ditchContinue Reading

Fun in the City: Bud Not Buddy – Chicago Children’s Theater

This past Saturday was mommy/daughter date night for Hannah and me. ¬†Hannah, being quite the thespian, was just as eager as I was to catch the play, Bud Not Buddy, at the Chicago Children’s Theater. I had planned it weeks in advance and it was a perfect production at a great price for Chicago TheaterContinue Reading

Chicago Theater Week 2013

Chicago is such a great city; there is never a dull moment! ¬†Hot off the cusp of Restaurant Week comes Chicago Theater Week from February 12 through the 17th! ¬†As a lifelong lover of the arts and a mom of a thespian (aren’t we all), I am so elated this time has come. ¬†This isContinue Reading

Chicago Toy & Game Fair 2012 – Win a Free Family Pass!!

It’s that time of year again…by now, every major toy manufacturer and retailer have mailed you catalogs of their best toy and game options for the Christmas season. ¬†Your kids carefully scrutinize each page with visions of unwrapping their favorites on Christmas day. ¬†They may even bug you about which ones they want and howContinue Reading