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PThirty1 Chicago & NWI Kids Eat Free List

kids eat freeWho are we kidding? It’s summer and NO ONE wants to be in the kitchen right now! Slaving over a hot stove while hungry, growling stomachs inquire, “What’s for dinner?” or “Is it done yet?” every 5 minutes?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!!

I haven’t posted a recipe in a while. Why? Because it’s hot and I’m bothered! I have eaten out an average of three times per week since the weather warmed. I am NOT a summer cook. If daddy doesn’t throw it on the grill, or it doesn’t come pre-packaged, I probably won’t be bothered with it until school starts. Did I say school? Yes, I did. Why? Because the kids are out of it – school that is (and maybe their minds too). That said, they are eating me out of house and home and on the few days I do feel like cooking a well-balanced meal, I will probably be out of some much needed ingredient because they decided to make it their lunch at 9:37 am!!! Whew!

So, without further adieu, I submit to you my kids eat free list. We all need to eat and with kids that are hungry ALL day…the quicker the better! If you are a mom with no dime to waste like I am, add to that, the cheaper the better! This is from my personal stash…things I’ve documented over the years (about 5 years to be exact). They are all still good that I know of. If you have some to add (or subtract), feel free to comment here so I can update the list.

Now, it’s summer and, for those of us in the Midwest, it just won’t last long! So….what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy a family meal and make the kids pick up the tab for once (well really the restaurant, but you know what I mean)! 😉 Carpe diem!


Harry Caray’s : kids eat free Sundays

Chik-fil-a: kids eat free Tuesdays 5:30 to 7:30p

Hooters: kids eat free Sundays

Denny’s: kids eat free Tuesdays 4-10p

IHOP: kids eat free daily 4-8p

Big Jones:  kids eat free daily 4-6p

Shaws Crab House:  kids eat free Sunday brunch

Jedi’s Oak Lawn:  kids eat free Wednesdays and Sundays

Champp’s:  kids eat free Tuesdays

Baja Fresh:  kids eat free Saturdays and Sundays

TGI Fridays:  kids eat free Mondays and Tuesdays (under 4 yrs old)

Jason’s Deli:  kids eat free Sundays or Mondays (check your local location)

Bennigan’s:  kids eat free 1st & 3rd Tuesdays

Ruby Tuesday:  kids eat $.99 Tuesdays

Red Robin: kids eat free Tuesday nights

Uno’s:  kids eat free Wednesdays

Fuddruckers’:  Kids eat $.99 Mondays, Tuesdays 4-9p

Stir Crazy Oakbrook:  kids eat free Tuesdays and Thursdays 4p-until

Fuego Loco Elmhurst and Oak Park:  kids eat free Mondays 4-10p

Lone Star Steakhouse: kids eat free Tuesdays

Leona’s: kids eat free daily

Applebee’s: kids eat free Mondays

Golden Corral: kids (10 & under) eat free Mondays 5-9p

Texas Roadhouse: kids eat free Tuesdays

Tony Roma’s: kids eat free Tuesdays

Qdoba’s Mexican Grill: kids eat free Sundays or Wednesdays (check your local location)

Rainforest Cafe: kids eat $1.99 Wednesdays

Park 52 Hyde Park: kids eat free Thursdays

Flat Top Grill: kids eat free daily (4 years & under only)

Benny’s Chop House: kids eat free Sundays

Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar: kids eat free Sundays and Wednesdays

The Melting Pot: kids eat free Sundays noon to close

Go Roma: kids eat free Sundays

Houlihan’s: kids eat free Sunday brunch buffet (5 & under only)

Francesca’s: kids eat free Sundays

Pinstripes: kids eat free Sunday brunch (6 & under only)

Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant: kids eat free Sundays





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