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P31:13 ~ She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands

Thursday Things: Ideas For Organizing The Garage

If I could have blogged one article for every project I’ve taken on, recipe I’ve cooked and all other things going on with the family this month, there’d be enough material to read until the end of the year – WHEW!

Let me first apologize for not checking in as often as I should, but you’ll see soon enough what I’ve been up to. I can’t wait to share it all with you! Some of you follow me on my facebook page so you may have some insights already. 🙂 Anywho, it’s never a dull moment at the Cunningham abode so you know if I haven’t written in a while, it must be on and poppin’ LOL!

Sooooo…the past couple of weeks hubby decided to reorganize the garage. We have built-in shelving in our garage which has been there since we purchased the home. We initially thought this was the greatest thing since ice cream on a stick, but soon found it took up too much space and, perhaps even worse, some of the shelves were difficult to access and even more difficult to keep dust and clutter free.

You know how things go with the guys. The “project” started as a, “I’m going to take down those shelves and reorg this weekend” then quickly became a “We need a new upright toolbox, bike racks, overhead bins and a garage door.” YIKES!!!

I took to pinterest to gather some ideas so the project panic didn’t completely catch me off guard. We are still in the middle of the reorg, but should be done soon. I will post before and after pics once the project is complete. In the meantime, check out some of these garage organization ideas that inspired our project.
















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Thursday Things: What To Do With Above-the-Cabinet Space

As much as I love to decorate, paint, create, fix-up, style, whatever-you-call-it, my kitchen is about the plainest Jane kitchen I’ve ever had. In our apartment, I had a huge kitchen with an island (well, really a peninsula). I had barstools for catching a quick bite at the island as well as a kitchen table.Continue Reading

Party Panache: Inscribed Bananas

Can I say that I love, love, LOOOOOVE this idea?!?!? Well, not only because it was an original idea by yours truly…but it is also uber easy and economical. At Sam’s Club, I can purchase 1 large bunch of bananas for only $1.34 and I usually get about 8 or 9 bananas in a bunch.Continue Reading

Project Organization: Wall Chalkboard Calendar

Leave it to me to do my February craft project in March. Yeah, I have all kinds of excuses – sick kids, sick me, tired me, overworked me…but they all really add up to lazy me! I’ve had a few days of down time and wanted to get this done because it was so needed.Continue Reading

Project Organization: Under-the-Sink Spray Bottle Storage

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Homemade Scalp Scrub

When I pay good money for good services, I try to pay attention to the products used.  When it comes to personal services like spa treatments, manicures and hair styling, I always pay attention to the technique used.  Although I love to indulge in life’s luxuries, time and money don’t always permit my desires.  SoContinue Reading

**UPDATED 3/9/13** Homemade Goat Milk Infant Formula Recipe and Other Formula Tales

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Hannah’s Fashion, Food & Fun Slumber Party

As children get older, it gets harder, more time-consuming and, worst of all, more expensive to plan their parties.  My second oldest child, Hannah, recently turned 12 and this was her year for a birthday party (an every other year occasion).  I wanted to incorporate all of the things Hannah loves (painting, baking, crafts, fashion),Continue Reading