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Zaycon Fresh – Quick! Quick! Farm Fresh Chicken for Cheap!

Hey guys!! I have an excited deal to share!  You already know it’s about food 🙂 (c’mon…you’d probably think I’d been hacked if it wasn’t food related).

As a single mom of 6 with a full-time job outside of the home, I am constantly looking for ways to decrease cost while not compromising value and benefit for my household.  I have a very strict grocery budget, but somehow I manage to still put well-balanced healthy meals made with fresh ingredients on the table.  I almost always buy in bulk with the exception of produce.  My kids are sometimes disappointed that I don’t purchase “ready-to-eat” foods.  I’m trying to do somewhat better in that area.  With a mix of a kindergartner, a tween and teens in the house, you kinda have to.

I digress.  I stumbled upon this great deal while perusing my email and had to share it immediately – farm-to-table chicken breast at only $.99/lb for a whopping 40-pound box!


So, here are the deets:  Zaycon Fresh is a company that provides fresh foods in bulk directly farm-to-consumer in an order-to-pickup method.  You order what you want online at a nearby pickup location (over 1200 locations nationwide), then show up at the appropriate date/time to pick up your food.  Easy peasy, right?  Check out my receipt.

So here’s what to do:

  1. Sign up for Zaycon at
  2. Shop by product or location and add the $1.89/lb fresh boneless skinless chicken breast (40-lb box) to your cart.
  3. At checkout, enter code JOINED99 for the discount.

Just a note…this deal is only good through 2/2/18 and while supplies last (at each location).  So, get it FAST before it’s GONE!


Bulk is better!  Thank me later. 😉


Baby I’m Back!

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Monte Cristo Roll-Ups

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2014 NWI Free Summer Fun Calendar (For Working Moms)

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Fried PB&J

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